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International Fair For Measurement,Instrumentation And Automation (MICONEX)

    I. General

 International Fair For Measurement,Instrumentation And Automation (MICONEX)is designed,  sponsored and forged by China Instrument and Control Society (CIS).Since MICONEX Exhibition was held in 1983, it has been its 35th Anniversary by 2018. For 35 years, 30 sessions of MICONEX Exhibition have been successfully held, over a thousand enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions have participated in the exhibition activities, and over 700,000 (person/times) professional visitors involving 200 thousand scientific and technical workers have visited the previous shows. "MICONEX" build up a long-term and stable communication platform for domestic and foreign measurement, instrumentation and automation community. Especially, Miconex has been engaged in advancing and practicing the national strategical plan of "Made in China by 2025" for recent years,with contribution to invigoration and improvement of China’s manufacturing level. Therefore, the Party and State leaders highly value it, either cut a ribbon at the ceremony, or visit and write an inscription or give vital instructions. The leaders of the United States, UK and Japan, and the officials of the United Nations also sent congratulatory messages to support the exhibition.

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II. Significant of MICONEX

Miconex is one of the international exhibition events in China that plays a leading role is establishing market-oriented and academic as well as scientific leading technological expertise. It has promoted its advantages for more than 30 years in “leading technology, supporting industry, and promoting communication and serving enterprises”. As development has grows, showing strong impetus to the development or measurement control and instrumentation technology and industry in China, and enhancing the overall strength of China s instrument manufacturing industry.

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