Introduction to Multi national Exhibition

The sensor technology and its system industry is the fundamentality and strategic industry of national economy, and is the source of deep integration of informatization and industrialization, playing an important role in promoting of the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the development of strategic emerging industries, promoting of modern national defense construction and guaranteeing and increasing of the people’s living standard. The sensor industry was deemed as the important content of “promoting key technology and equipment of intelligent manufacturing to new level” and “make layout for strategic industries in advance and cultivating new advantages for future development” etc In the Three-year Action Guidance. Intelligent Sensor Industry (2017-2019) printed and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2017, it was pointed out that the application of intelligent sensor market presents an explosive increasing trend, which has become the core and one of the foundations that determines the development of the future information technology industry, and has become a strategic highland of the layout between developed countries and transnational enterprises. China Instrument and Control Society is the most leading academic organization of instrument and measurement control fields in China, which is main academic power that promotes instruments and apparatus and intelligent manufacturing, and also important academic power that develops the internet of things, smart cities and other emerging technologies. Based on important strategic meaning of the sensor technology and industries and clamant demands on the development of sensor industry in China, China Instrument and Control Society proposes the plan for holding the First World Sensors Summit in 2018 (for short: WSS), and bring it into the plan of activities in 2018 of the “Intelligent Sensor Innovation Alliance”. After being proposed, the plan of the Summit has been responded to actively by HenanProvincial Government and Zhengzhou Municipal Government, which provide lots of beneficial conditions for holding the first Summit in Zhengzhou.

Introduction to Multi national Exhibition
World Sensors Technology Summit Forum

Time: 9:00-12:00 a.m. on Aug 21, 2022

Place: Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center

Scale: Main forum: 700 people

Spokesmen: Relevant leaders of the state ministries and commissions and local governments, famous academicians and experts at home and abroad

Main contents: Policies and planning for national and local sensor technology and industrial development, demand analysis of sensor development in the future, problems, short slab and solution of the development of sensor industry and the development and application of the sensor technology at home and abroad

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